Smart Meters or not? You decide.

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February 12, 2017

Smart Meters or not? You decide.

Smart Meters or not? You decide.


Every day the Gov’t/Utilities Companies are telling you what is best for you. Whether it health care or Smart Meters everyone is an expert. Lets look a little closer into a device called the Smart meter and the pros and cons.


Here are a few facts about smart meters in Florida:

FP&L is spending 800 million dollars to change out 4,5 million analog meters in the state of Florida.  (That’s $178 per meter.)

The Dept. of Energy provided a grant for 200 million dollars.

The meter give FP&L the possiblility to monitor your energy consumption.


In California, PG&E has been trying to convince it’s users that the meter is safe. The meters electro magnetic waves and some adults/children are electrically sensitive (ES) to these waves. Other comments about smart meters include: Malfunctions, fires, explosions, melting, blowing out appliances andnot being UL tested. Many cities have voted in favor of supporting the “opt-out” program. This gives the customer the possibility to switch back the meter to an anolog unit. Of course, this will cost them a $500 fine and an extra  monthly fee.

Georgia Power has threatened to cut people’s power off if they do not comply. People are angry. They should have the right to decide what is attached to their homes. They feel that your utility company can monitor your electrical consumption on a second to second basis to determine your usage and share this information with private entities, state and federal authorities. Then, they can charge you more for KWH during peek hours when you need electricity the most.

You’ll have to draw your own conclusions. I have chosen to wait with the install of my meter. When I called FP&L, I needed to give a reason why. My answer was, “until I can be given proof that the meter is SAFE, I will wait with the install.”

Thanks For reading my blog….Randy Tkacs

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