It is our mission to inform our clients about any environmental  issues present in their new or old home. AAA-1 Home  Inspections identifies any areas of the house that could negatively affect human health. Even though I feel very confident that I will be able to answer your questions, I have group of licensed professionals I can call to get a second opinion.  Our clients get the expertise of a professional mold inspector along with the professional building experience that only comes with experience building inspection.  I can diagnose your sick building syndrome. All data is kept confidential.



Initially I perform a visual inspection of the subject area or building for mold. AAA-1 Home Inspections will use a moisture meter to take necessary readings.

AAA-1 Home Inspections does not perform mold remediation as it is our belief to do so would be unethical and a conflict of interest.  We do the pilminary test . If further testing is needed, I can recommend companies in the area.


The problem of mold has been around for centuries. The method and need to deal with has changed little in 3500 years. We still must fix the moisture source and remove the contaminated areas. Our ability to identify invisible toxic spores and take the necessary steps to remediate has improved vastly.


Molds can generally be divided into 3 groups based on their health effects: Allergenic, Pathogenic and Toxic.


There are many Allergenic molds that can cause allergenic or asthmatic symptoms such as wheezing or runny nose. These molds do not usually produce life-threatening effects, but are problematic for those who are already allergenic or asthmatic.


Pathogenic mold can cause serious health effects in persons with decreased immune function, taking chemotherapy, or with HIV/AIDS. Some pathogens are common. A normal, healthy individual can probably resist infection by these, but high exposures may cause reactions in the lungs.


Toxins are poisonous substances produced by living things. Those from mold (called Mycotoxins) can cause serious health effects in almost anyone. These effects may be short-term irritations, immune system problems, and even cancer.

Most of the diseases caused by Mycotoxins involve ingestion of contaminated food. Mycotoxins are contained in certain varieties of fungus spores, and these can be breathed into the body.

The initial inspection is a visual inspection that pin points specific areas of the dwelling that are prone to mold growth. AAA-1 Home Inspection will be able to report all visble areas of concern. This visual inspection does not include any sampling that may be required should mold be discovered.