Get a licensed home inspector

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February 11, 2017

Get a licensed home inspector



Don’t let your real estate agent choose the inspector. Hire someone who works for you without any conflict of interest.
Inspect the inspector before you hire. Ask to see a sample home inspection report. (This is included on my website) Also ask about the length of the inspection. A through inspection takes a minimum of three to four hours.
Walk through with the inspector. You’ll learn a lot about you house.

Always ask for a full written seller’s disclosure. This should include the property’s permit history, zoning, prior uses, homeowners’ association restrictions and anything else you can find out. Forget “location, location, location.” Instead say, “verify, verify, verify!”
You may have to pay more for a certified inspection, (I’m NACHI certifed,) but in the long run, it’s worth it. Certified inspectors use sophisticated measuring and detection equipment to detect defects not easily seen. Spend $1000 now rather than $10,000 in surprise repairs later. (My inspection will cost less than half that price. Rates are based on total square footage of the home or apartment.)
Contact me, (Randy Tkacs,) at 321-652-4448, so we can discuss the inspection of your home.

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